Hi Everyone,

So many friends and colleagues have started novels, but get frustrated with plot development.  Because I write suspense/mystery, I’m constantly thinking of danger – dangerous conflicts my characters get themselves into, but you don’t have to write mysteries to have the element of danger in your plots.

Whatever drives your characters beyond their comfort levels is dangerous to their security.   Danger – emotional, psychological, paranormal, physical, spiritual – drives your plot forward, backward, and sideways.

If your characters experience danger, whether it motivates them to become stronger or weaker, your readers will too.  That’s why we read:  to be thrown into that delicate balance between danger and release.  Danger presents a threat to security, which sparks intense negotiations, which lead to self-enlightenment or self-loathing, and the reader is along for the ride.

An agoraphobic weather reporter, opening his front door for the first time in two years can walk a reader into the face of danger just as horrifically as can an undertrained gladiator facing his first kill.

Think danger and your plot won’t let you go.

Plot talking with Meg